Coast Jumper + Fanno Creek

Got a couple of new bands to share with you all today. First up is San Fransico band Coast Jumper. Drawing on several influences from chill pop to heavy rock Coast Jumper has a great rock ‘n’ pop sound that can be enjoyed by anyone. This five piece band puts out a lot of great noise with head banging tracks like “Disabler” to a Beach House/Real Estate feel with “For Youth” to the noise-rock track “Sutures ii.” Coast Jumper’s debut album Grand Opening is available for name your own price on their website here. You can also listen to it below.

Another great pop-rock band is local Portland, Oregon’s Fanno Creek. More on the folky side of rock this three piece band has a great six-track release, Green Houses, for free download on their website here. With great songwriting and harmonic skills this band puts out some really catchy tracks. My favorites include “Green Back” and “I Am Learning.” Listen to them below.

Also you can check out the latest Killing Sasquatch Radio episode in the Radio tab or click the link below to get to it as well. It’s a really great playlist with lots of brand new music. Check it.

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