Dude York

After a brief hiatus, we are back to regular posts about new independent music. Here is a band from Seattle called Dude York. Their latest release, Dehumanize, came out at the end of January. Dude York is a band with lots of energetic grunge pop. Catchy guitar hooks and eccentric drumming along with unique vocals is what makes up their sound. My favorite tracks are “Idol” and “Heartland.” “Idol” starts with one of those guitar hooks that sticks in your head, then there is a fuzzy breakdown with the lyrics of “The idol’s face has been broken, frozen / It looks just like mine.” It’s the vulnerability of Peter Richards’s vocals that really makes it an anthem. “Heartland” is a track to get rowdy drunk to. With a slower grungy intro to sway back and forth, that evolves to the chorus that Richards yells “Lose my voice!” This is a must listen record.