Ghost Ease

As soon as you hit the play button on Ghost Ease’s self-titled debut album, you are immediately transported to a smoke filled garage. Almost a sense of foreboding as the beautifully haunting vocals come in to start the verse. The first track tells you why this band is called Ghost Ease. They play on the edge of unsettledness, but with great song structure and amazing vocal work. With Ghost Ease being their first full length release, it will be a real treat to see what this local Portland band will do next.

On to a more punk influenced band with Thee Oh Sees. Their latest album is called Floating Coffin. This is their seventh full length release in the last five years and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. This high energy band loves putting in inspiring guitar riffs with fast pumping drum beats. When Thee Oh Sees do slow it down it becomes a more psychedelic affair that is pleasing to everyone’s ears.

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