Grandhorse + The Comettes

Welcome to 2014 everyone, let’s start it off with some fresh indie rock. This band is called Grandhorse, they are local Portanders. Their new album is called Portraiturefolio. Grandhorse mixes a sunny indie rock vibe with a slight emo style of vocals. I really enjoy the back half of this album. “Heartsrings” has a groovy guitar hook that immediately gets your head bobbing. Then the next track “Washington” has more of a grungy rock sound to it. My favorite track though is “Qualia” a driving drum track along with a floating guitar riff that the vocals sing along with. Don’t get me wrong, the first half of the album is really good too, so listen to the whole thing. Download it for free on their bandcamp. They’ll also have a string of shows here in the NW at the end of January so check that out.

Next up is a Seattle band called The Comettes. Their latest release, Golden Blue, is a two song EP. The Comettes have an awesome laid back surfy sound to them. Somewhat similar to Charts or Gayze, but the lead singer belts out the vocals like Bono. I’ve been getting slightly obsessed with these two songs. The Comettes just put out the good vibes, so just listen to it. See them live in Portland on the 17th of January.