Hustle And Drone + First Borns

Got some new local Northwest artists for you today. I’ll start with one of the hottest Portland bands recently to come on the scene, Hustle and Drone. This electro duo puts together some of the most bad-ass – slow motion walking like a boss – beats. Seriously these guys make great music that should be recognized as some of the best electronic music out this year. Their self-titled EP came out about a month ago and it is super fantastic. If you aren’t hooked by the first track “Index” definitely check out the closer “Body Wash.” Listen to it below and feel like a total slow-motion badass.

Next up is a Boise, ID band called First Borns. Going in a different direction here, First Borns is a lo-fi shoe-gazey three piece. This band also makes super cool music, really hazy/echoey vocals, catchy guitar riffs, bass with heavy fuzz, and chugging drum beats is what you’ll get with First Borns. Their sound reminds me of the part of the night you want to keep partying but the sun is almost up and you’re out of energy, but you don’t want to have such a memorable night end. I really enjoy their brand new self-titled EP which came out on Wednesday. Definitely worth a listen and a dollar donation for download. I’m really excited to hear more from these guys. Check out my faves “She Does Drugs,” “I Know…,” and “Gene.”

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