It’s Been A While

Hello everyone, I know it has been quite some time since I updated last, but to make it up this post will have a lot of great indie music that you should consider for the holiday season.
First up is Gross Magic, they are kind of like MGMT on the edge of control. Driving synthesizer bass lines, with drugged out vocals make for a great soundtrack for a great night out. Check out Teen Jamz EP here. Also the best bonus track “Yesterdays” for a free download here.
Looking for something that makes you want to rock out? Check out Hypatia Lake’s newest album Ouroboros here. It is totally kick ass, the basic necessity of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Just remember that without the roll there would be no rock.
The New Division is a band that is kind of an 80s indie pop-rock throwback. Their latest album Shadows is super catchy so you should definitely check it out here. I don’t really know what else to say about them so go and listen to it yourself.
Next up is People Get Ready. This band is really cool, awesome guitar work and cool jazz-pop drum rhythms make up their newest self-titled EP. Check it out here and get ready to be taken away.
Salem is kind of my new crush. I freakin love their newest album King Night. It has a little of everything, it’s mostly instrumental hip-hop mixed with some dubstep and epic-ness. You can listen to it here for free none the less.
Last but not least is Wye Oak’s new covers 7″ with “Strangers”(The Kinks cover) and “Mother”(Danzig cover).  I really think that the Mother cover is one of the best covers I’ve heard in a long time. Check them out here. I would put the video on here, but it is sponsored by Starbucks, a corporation I do not support.
I will be working on my top albums of the year list in the upcoming weeks, so I might not post again until that time.

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