Jamaican Queens

The debut album from Detroit’s Jamaican Queens really hits all the right spots. They have a unique blend of glitch-pop, hip-hop, and singer-songwriter types of styles. Wormfood is filled with great lyrics and songwriting, with topics from relationships to hospitalizations to being selfish. The album starts out with one of my favorite tracks “Water.” This track has a great build to an epic climax of three verses being layered over one another. The next song, “Kids Get Away,” keeps up the energy with a hard hitting synth line and well delivered chorus. Along with those two tracks, the closer, “Caitlin,” are my favorite on this debut full length. I have a feeling these guys are the next big up-and-comers and I’m excited to see what they come up with next. Jamaican Queens are on tour right now and are playing Cozmic Pizza in Eugene on May 7th, and Mississippi Studios on May 8th.

This week saw the release of Oberhofer’s latest EP Notalgia. Filled with catchy guitar riffs and overall positive feeling rock-pop. The opening track, “You + Me” is such a lovely song about friendship. Definitely one of my favorite artists over the last several years, you don’t want to miss this EP.

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