Live At Disjecta: Peaking Lights

Last night was the final night of Sometimes A Great Notion Festival capping off a weekend with one of my favorite bands, Peaking Lights. This was my first time going to the North Portland art center Disjecta and I have to say it is a really cool place. With benches built into a grassy hill for an outside stage and beautiful setup inside with a lot of local art. I got there around 7:00 as The Emergency was setting up to play inside. The Emergency is a three piece band that specializes in ambient club music. Their newest album Last Exit is full of swirling synthesizers and heavy drum beats. I really enjoyed their set and their sound. You can check out the single “Afterlife” below and download the album here.

The second band that I caught was local one-man band Jeffrey Jerusalem. Creating a minimalist 80s dance-pop sound, Jeffrey puts his unique voice into different harmonies to lend to a new kind of new-wave type of music. I really enjoy his EP that came out in March called Keep Shadows From The Sun. Check it out below.

Last up was Peaking Lights. One of my favorite bands from California, they have a new album out called Lucifer that is a fantastic follow up to critically acclaimed 936. With their chilled out vibe of electronic dubbiness plus great reverbed/echoey vocals they have a great stage presence. They played my favorites including “Lo-Hi”, “Live Love”, and “All The Sun That Shines.” Even with some technical difficulties, Peaking Lights still put on an incredible show. You can listen to the “LO-HI” single below or go here for the full Lucifer album.

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