Live At Holocene: Delicate Steve + Adventures! With Might

Last night was one of my most anticipated shows of the year featuring Delicate Steve. After seeing them in Boise, ID I knew that this was a show that couldn’t be missed. Though before the main attraction came on, Adventures! With Might opened up the night with their blend of electro-rock pop music. Though there were some technical difficulties it was still a good start to the night as people started to fill in the Holocene.

So after the last song “Heavy Hevvy” from Adventures! With Might, came a quick stage change to allow the members of Delicate Steve to all fit comfortably. As anticipation was quickly building from the audience, Delicate Steve started taking the stage and after a brief tuning, they started into their set with “Many Moods” followed up by “Sugar Splash.” Delicate Steve rocked out so hard and sent so much positive vibe out that it was impossible to feel anything but happiness in Holocene. The highlight of the show was of course the last song they played, “Butterfly.” Everyone was dancing to it by the end. What a great show to end the month of June.

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