Live at Holocene: Teen Daze

Thursday night at Holocene brought chill wave rockers from Vancouver, B.C. Teen Daze. The first act was a couple of local DJs, Phillip Grass. They spun some really great tunes and played some remixes to set up the night.


After Phillip Grass played their beats, Camp Counselors came on to play. After an issue with one of his mixers, Camp Counselors a.k.a Cemeteries slayed the stage. The Camp Counselors project is a little more haunting and more soundscape kind of music.



Last up was Teen Daze. I wasn’t quite sure what the show would be like, but Teen Daze has a full band that they tour as. The show had a great post-rock vibe to it. Teen Daze played a lot of songs off the latest album, Glacier. They have a great chill sound and the live performance brings out rock elements a little more. Teen Daze is a must see live band.