Live At Mississippi Studios: Oberhofer + Pond

Last night two of my favorite bands played at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon. Pondwas the first band up to play, and though their second guitarist was not feeling well they still put on a fantastic show. Playing my favorite tracks, “Fantastic Explosion Of Time,” “When It Explodes,” and “You Broke My Cool.”

It was extremely refreshing to hear such powerful classic rock and roll coming in a newer form.
So after a brief intermission Oberhofer started to take the stage. Before the show I wondered how odd it was to have a psychedelic rock band in Pond open up for a more pop rock influenced Oberhofer. I was dead wrong. Oberhofer came out with a bang! All the members put out such an amazing energy for the audience, it was not hard to dance along with them. About half way through the show Brad decided that he needed to be in closer to audience and put the microphone about 10 feet into the crowd. They played a good portion of their new album Time Capsules II which came out March 26th. Featuring “Away Frm U,” “I Could Go,” and “oOoO.” Check it out below the photos.

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