Live: Javelin + Jamaican Queens

Mississippi Studio played host to some new electronic-pop music on Wednesday night. Jamaican Queens was up first with their brand of dub-pop. The vocal manipulations were highlight of the show. As people were filing in to the venue Jamaican Queens got the smaller crowd to start grooving along with their heavy bass lines.

Next up was Helado Negro, a one man band from Brooklyn. This guy has some of the smoothest, fresh squeezed electronic beats that I’ve heard in a while. What makes his music more unique is that he sings in Spanish. Though it doesn’t really matter what language you’re fluent in, because it fits the music so well. Helado Negro’s latest album is called Invisible Life and is out now.

Last up was NY/L.A. duo Javelin. Their live performance was pretty spectacular. Amazing drumming and really cool, live auto tune. As Mississippi Studios got more packed, the tunes started getting faster and the dancing started to spread around the entire crowd. Their latest full length album is called Hi Beams, and it is really good, listen to the single below.

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