Live: Quilt + Big Haunt

On Wednesday we went to go see a psychedelically stacked lineup at Mississippi Studios consisting of two Portland bands, and Quilt from New England.
The first band that played was Eternal Tapestry. Their sound is more on the experimental side of the spectrum of psychedelic music.

The live set was a little more chilled out than most of their recorded music, which was super smooth and incredibly enjoyable. As instrumental music goes, Eternal Tapestry brings the right kind of experimentation to the psychedelic realm of music.



Next was Big Haunt. They have just released an EP called Devotionals and it was their EP release show. Big Haunt is more of a folk-pop group with a style somewhat similar to Alt-j. Their sound is made up of finger picking guitar, soft keys, and amazing singing. The vocals are just as amazing live if not more so than the recording. Listen to Devotionals and download it for name your own price here.



The headliner for the show was Boston band Quilt. This four piece band has a groovy ’60s psychedelic pop-rock sound to them. Quilt’s new album is called Held In Splendor, and it just came out at the end of January. The album is so fresh and clean, it is what an adventure on a sunny day sounds like. My favorite tracks are “Eye of the Pearl” and “Tie Up the Tides.”