LIVE: Sauna, Bad Weather California, and Sun Angle at The Know

The Know is very conducive to fucking awesome under the radar shows. Earlier this month Bottom Feeder flew in from Denmark to destroy The Know’s humble stage on Alberta street. Later, Sauna and Bad Weather California traveled from Denver to do their own serious damage to the same stage. They snagged Sun Angle to head such a show, and the result was a groundshaking festival of rock.


Unfortunately The Know is not conducive to good photography on the fly, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. Sauna reminds us of how much we love Denver music. Sauna teems with idealism, yet rigidly adheres to the cold concrete realism of dessert life. To the rest of the US, Colorado sort of still represents the Wild West, a place where pot is legal and you can just be a ski bum if you wanna. This is manifest in the righteously surfy tunes of Sauna, whose magnitude in live performance is unmatched by really anyone. I’m tearing up here just thinking about it.


Next is Bad Weather California, whose Treefort performance rocked our unsuspecting bare feet off. We’re not really sure about why such a carefree beachy Cali sounds keeps eminating from Colorado, but truly believe it has something to do with the pot. Bad Weather California combines sincerity and irony in their music. Like their state is scattered with prairies, hills and mountain cliffs, so is Bad Weather California’s shit, imbued with the possibilities of the wide open spaces of the Great Basin. Garage, Rolling Stones, surf, and futuristic pop come through strong in this one. Oh yeah, did we mention they played with Meat Puppets?



Before the neighbors get pissed off, Sun Angle busts out their gig. Although it’s something you’ve dealt with before, you can never quite be ready for Sun Angle live. Every track off their album Diamond Junk is beautifully scatterbrained like your favorite awesome science teacher, who was also sorta creepy. Words don’t describe Sun Angle. Only Sun Angle desicribes Sun Angle, so have a listen when you can. Enjoy the transcendent photo below.


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