Manatee Commune

Here’s another bunch of Treefort Music Fest artists to wrap your ears around. After the final wave of artists was announced, there is now about 350 bands coming to Boise at the end of March.
The first band we dug up is Bellingham, WA chillwave artist, Manatee Commune. The instrumental stylings of Manatee Commune has a groovy, yet ambient kind of sound. The newer singles have more of a free form, floating vibe than his EP release in 2012. Manatee Commune takes his sound directly from the Pacific Northwest sometimes literally, lots of rain noises and native bird calls. Definitely worth a listen and a charitable download here.

Next is Boulder, CO artist Frugal Father. His music is a weird mix of minimalism and dance, which I really enjoy. Then the vocal styling is also a bit strange, kind of a deadpan delivery, that actually plays really well into the music that’s being created. Check out Frugal Father’s singles and download for free here.

Last but not least is Boise duo Avtale. The vocals are beautiful and the music is a little on the darker side. Avtale’s sound is dirty electro-pop that gets fuzzy on the bass and heavy in the beats. You can’t help but move your body to the track “Groundless.”