More New Releases

A lot of great new music dropped this week; Grimes, Sleigh Bells, and Dustin Wong. Oh, not to mention a brand new album from Cursive. The latest one from the legendary indie band is called I Am Gemini. This album has really great rock. Great classic Cursive sound with some new elements that are added. Check out the entire album here.
Next up is another rocking band called Sleigh Bells. Their second album Reign Of Terror is all up in your face. The classic rock influence mixed with intrusive pop is Sleigh Bells’ style and they show that with this album again. Check out the new one here.
Another Treefort Music Fest performer, Dustin Wong, also came out with an album this week called Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads. If you love the band Delicate Steve, you will love Dustin Wong. He handles each song with great care, with master guitar layering and an amazing build up for every track. It’s a really great album, mostly instrumental with some jam band qualities to it. Check out some of his stuff here and buy his album here and also check out the trippy video below.

Last but not least is the brand new one from Grimes titled Visions. She has a great voice and amazing talent in the electro-pop field of music. Bouncy synth bass with the high falsetto vocals makes a some what dub-y quality to her music. Check out the album here.

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