More Treefort Music Festival Artists

With another announcement made today brings another wave of great indie bands throughout the Northwest and the rest of U.S. to Boise for what will be an epic weekend of music. The announcement brings some of our favorites Tartufi, El Ten Eleven, Quasi, The Thermals, Blasted Canyons, Finn Riggins, and three nights of Built To Spill! That’s right 3 nights of Built To Spill all curated by Doug Martsch as he has hand chosen who will be part of the showcase. So let’s get to know some of the other bands that not everyone knows.

We’ll start with Boise/Portland fuzz-metal band Uzala. They have a unique sound that comes from the 70s but is combined with brutal growling vocals. Uzala has some of the best metal music I’ve heard lately. Their self-titled full length is super brutal and definitely worth a listen to.

Up now is seven piece band Rose Windows from Seattle. Another 70s influenced band with smoky female vocals and a real knack for bluesy rock ‘n’ roll. The video above gets a little graphic so be warned.

Staying on the whole old school rock theme here is San Francisco band The Mallard. They have a more punk lo-fi garage sound to them the bands above. I really dig their music check them out here and my favorite song below.

Now onto local Portlanders, Death Songs. Made up from former members of Shaky Hands, Death Songs has the same good feeling and flow to their music. Super stoked to see these guys live. Check out the EP below.

Next is Brooklyn band The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! These guys have a great power pop sound to them. TPDR is really upbeat and fun. Check out their debut album, I Love You! I Love You! I Love You And I’m In Love With You… down below.

Last one for today is local Portland band Genders. This psych-pop rock band has a freshly recorded EP that is super good. With cool guitar riffs that float around beautiful vocals and fun light hearted drum beats complete with catchy bass lines.

Check out the full announcement here and stayed tune for more artists from Treefort Music Festival.

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