Music Fest NW Night 2

Thursday night saw the second night for MusicFest NW and everyone was out to get down on some great live shows. I started the night off going to Backspace to see three piece band Cheap Girls from Michigan. They have a great alt-rock sound that is reminiscent of the 90s. They have a bunch of catchy tunes that end up rocking your face off when you least expect it.

After Cheap Girls I hopped over the river to go see Lemolo at Mississippi Studios. I had some good timing since the venue started to fill in soon after I arrived. The two girls from Seattle have some serious talent. They have some really cool looping features, great songwriting, and amazing vocals. To me they bridge a gap between classical, metal, and pop music. Definitely worth checking out live.

After Lemolo’s set I headed over to Ted’s Berbatis to see Purity Ring, but with the line going down the block and around the corner I decided to instead to go back over the river to see Onuinu at the Doug Fir Lounge. I got there just as they were firing up their single “Ice Palace.” The lounge was pretty crowded with people dancing and swaying to the electro beats of Onuinu. I really enjoy Onuinu’s ability to mix electronic-pop with some rock elements, it reminds me of a chiller Neon Indian.

The last band for the night was Tanlines over at the Holocene. Tanlines have a really cool tribal like electro-pop sound to them. The crowd was getting down as the duo started up with their single “Brothers.” They will be playing Fun Fun Fest in the fall so be sure to check them out.

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