MusicFest NW 2013

Musicfest NW is just a little more than a month away and the lineup for this year looks really great. With headlining acts such as Animal Collective, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Dan Deacon, Youth Lagoon, Typhoon, and so much more. As is custom here at Killing Sasquatch we will highlight the lesser known bands that we think will make a huge impact this year.

Starting with two brothers that go by the name Pacific Air. These guys have the easy breezy chill pop that rides nicely into your ears. Nothing too fancy, just well written tunes that have groovy beats and memorable melodies. Their debut full length album is called Stop Talking. The album name and music makes me want to sit back and reflect on life. Take a listen to my favorites “Float” and “Suits.”

The next band comes out of Tulsa and they are called Broncho. These guys have a throwback punk kind of sound to them. Broncho’s debut album is called Can’t Get Past The Lips, a blistering testament to songs about fighting, being losers, and not giving a damn. They have a great sound, and I’m really looking forward to their live show. They play September 5th at Dante’s. Check out my favorite song “I Don’t Really Want to be Social.”

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