No Joy

No Joy is a Canadian four piece that has an outstanding amount of force in their music. With a wall of guitars and shoegazey vocals, they remind me of another Canadian band, The Besnard Lakes. No Joy has a well polished sound for how much noise they put out. The main standout for this album is the lovely vocals and crunchy guitars. The songs to check out are “E”, “Lunar Phobia” and “Ignored Pets.”

Another new album came out last week from Young Galaxy. This new full length, Ultramarine, is just as fresh as their previous releases. There is a lot of arpeggio-ed blips that add a new layer to the already dense repertoire of YG’s electro-pop music. Though it may take a few listens to totally get down on Ultramarine, Young Galaxy has some incredible tunes on this album. My favorites are “New Summer” and “What We Want.”

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