Paper Brain

Here is a local Portland four piece band that everyone can get down on. They are called Paper Brain and they have a really nice pop-rock sound to them. Their latest release is a four song EP called Begin Again. Every part of their music is so super catchy. With bouncing bass lines and drum beats that are easy to follow along to. Put some jangly guitar riffs on top of that and sprinkle in some cool sounding vocals and you have Paper Brain. I really enjoy their sound and look forward to seeing them live at Rontoms on Feb. 10th.

Another local Portland band I came across recently is Bike Thief. They have a sound that mixes post-rock with folk elements to make a post-folk type of music. Bike Thief’s latest album is called Ghost of Providence and it is a great sounding album. There are all types of instrumentation in this band from guitars to pianos to violin to cello and accordion. Not only is the music well put together but the vocals are very powerful. Check out Ghost of Providence down below. My favorite tracks are “Battles” and “Look Up.”

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