Pond + Yellow Ostrich

A couple of really cool bands for you all today. Pond is a great rock ‘n’ roll band coming from Australia. They embody everything you want from a rock band. Showing the influences of legendary classic rock bands while coming up with their own style of creativity. I immediately hear a showing of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin in their sound but there is something deeper than that. A type of psychedelia that isn’t there in classic rock ‘n’ roll. The album, Beard, Wives, Denim, has the sound of youthful rebellion. It’s a really great album so listen to it all below.

Onto a different pace with Yellow Ostrich with their latest album, Strange Land. More of a modern day pop-rock band coming from New York via Wisconsin. Some really catching songwriting tunes on this album. Not my favorite album, but still worth checking out below. I really dig “Elephant King,” “The Shakedown,” and “Up In The Mountains.”

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