Today sees the release of a lot of good records, none more prominent than Pond’s second album Hobo Rocket. The “side project” of Tame Impala, this Australian band has so many groovy tunes packed onto one tiny album. Hobo Rocket has such a great classic rock and roll sound, yet they have really original ways of presenting that classic sound. Pond is able to mix and blend all types of psychedelic music in the last 50 years and put into a poppy, highly listenable modern type of sound. This album is one of my favorites so far this year, so listen to “Xanman” and “Giant Tortoise.”

Another new album from a local Portland band, this one is from Summer Cannibals. Their debut album is called No Makeup. Summer Cannibals has a huge punk-pop garage rock sound that translates from their hot live show to the album. Their music has huge crunchy bass lines and great guitar riffs, but the main focus is on the lead female vocals. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite local bands here. Check out “Wear Me Out,” it’s one of my favorites.

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