Project Pabst pt. 2

Day 2 of Project Pabst was another beautiful sunny September Sunday. The day started off by catching Deap Vally from L.A. These two ladies rock super hard. Deap Vally has a kind of bluesy rock more geared toward the sound of Black Keys. Definitely worth checking out.



The next act was Northhampton, MA’s Speedy Ortiz. They are getting some good buzz about them, and for good reason. They have that grungey 90s sound to them. The way the guitars clash with the lead singers vocals sounds great.



Next was The Thermals. A local punk band that has been around for a while now. The Thermals still know how to shred for sure and put on an awesome show.



After The Thermals, Shabazz Palaces put on one of their best shows I’ve seen. The rap/hip-hop duo from Seattle put out big beats and smooth lyrics that gives them their originality. Shabazz Palaces new album Lese Majesty is one of my favorites this year as well.



Lord Huron was on after Shabazz. Though I listened to the show, I didn’t catch too much of it. Their music is not really what I’m into, just a little too pop and open chords. Not to say that it’s bad, Lord Huron is actually quite catchy, it just did not really translate well to their live show.



The man, the myth, the legend, GZA performed the entirety of Liquid Swords.



Then to finish out the night was Modest Mouse. Though Isaac Brock was feeling under the weather, they still performed a bunch of new songs that will hopefully show up on their next recording. Modest Mouse is one of my favorite bands of all time and they still sound great after almost 20 years.




Thanks to PBR for putting an awesome music festival on the cheap, we hope to see you again next year. Thanks to Josh Pino for all the photos. Thanks to you readers for checking us out, more music to come soon.