Purity Ring + The Antlers

On Tuesday Purity Ring’s debut album Shrines was released. It has been a long time coming ever since hearing “Lofticries” last year I have been hooked on Purity Ring. The wait was definitely worth it. This album is by far one of my favorites already this year. Purity Ring’s brand of chill-step is something that I want to pull over my body and wrap myself in. The opening track “Crawlersout” grips you from the start and doesn’t let go until the closing track “Shuck.” I love Shrines and it’s hard to pinpoint my favorite track so you should listen to it and decide yourself below.

Shrines by Killing Sasquatch on Grooveshark

This week also saw the release of The Antlers’ newest EP called Undersea. This EP is super classic Antlers sound with chilled out guitars and awesome keys/synth effects combined with the patented vocals of front-man Peter Silberman. I really enjoy this 4-track EP in particular the first two tracks “Drift Dive” and “Endless Ladder.” Listen to it here.

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