Pyschedelectronica A.K.A. Elcetrodelica

Exitmusic is a really cool band that has a new EP out called From Silence. The synths are quite dramatic combined with the amazing vocals makes for some epic music. Check out some of their tracks here and then go out to buy this EP because it is awesome.
Now more on this Pyschedelectronica/Electrodelica front of music; Peaking Lights is a great new band that I just came across. I highly recommend their album 936. This is such an awesome spacey yet really well constructed album. The closest comparison I can make is something like Panda Bear meets a California beach maybe some Gold Panda as well. Listen to it here and have a great trip.
Star Slinger is a catchy band that I would personally put under the category of new-disco. Their latest album is called Volume 1 and it reminds me of Passion Pit with really good sampling. Check out their collection hereand scroll down to find the album. Also watch the cool vid of “Mornin'” (720p highly recommended).

Last is going a totally different direction with Thieving Irons. Their debut album is called This Midnight Hum. I have to say that I would really like to here these guys on the radio. Their rock ‘n’ roll is unique enough to distinguish themselves into the public eye. Their latest single “So Long” has actually been featured on KEXP a great Seattle based radio station that focuses on independent music. Check it out here.

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