Rose Windows

The debut album from Seattle band Rose Windows is something that fans of rock and roll will love. Infused with all sorts of influences, Rose Windows have a gritty gypsy-rock sound to that spreads to all seven members. The album is called, The Sun Dogs and starts off with “Spirit Modules.” A winding, soulful song that features strings and flute. That first track sets up the rest of the album perfectly as the flute leads into the beginning of the second song, “Native Dreams.” Quickly becoming my favorite song on this album, “Native Dreams” has a kind of Doors sound mixed with a heavier rock, like a Black Sabbath or The Animals. You can also hear the Eastern influences during guitar fills, which puts another excellent layer to Rose Windows’ sound. The next few songs lighten up with the guitar and really start to feature the vocals, especially in “Walkin’ With A Woman.” It is really interesting to hear the acoustic figure picking of “Season of Serpents” in the middle of the album, but Rose Windows makes it work very well. I would have to say this is an excellent album and everyone should go out and support them. They will be at Mississippi Studios on July 20th. Make sure you check out my second favorite song, “This Shroud.”

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