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As much as I love brand new music, sometimes it’s fun to go back and listen to albums that you haven’t heard for a while. That’s what I did this past weekend and was pleasantly reminded how great these artists are.
First is The Besnard Lakes. This band is great. I mean great vocal work, great guitar ambiance and layering, and great songwriting. This is the kind of band that should be popular, but aren’t. My favorite song/video is below and if you like that check out their stuff here. I really like the “Dark Horse” album.

Next up is a killer guitar band Fang Island. High flying guitars and awesome harmonics make up their self titled debut. Check out their bandcampand listen to it for free. They are really fun to listen to. Also stayed tuned, there will be a new album very soon.

Why? is one of the best hybrid bands out there. Combining a great original hip-hop vocal delivery with a rockin’ undertow of baselines and sweet guitar solos. Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time is their 3rd album Alopecia. Check out all of their music here.
For all of you new music junkies, how about one of my favorite bands The Shins. They just put out the new single “Simple Song” for their next album Port Of Morrow¬†due out March 20th.

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