Shlohmo + The Bear and The Sea

The latest EP from Shlohmo is an electronic masterpiece of chill, glitchy goodness. With this new Laid Out EP, I would say that Shlohmo is the top artist to push the electronic scene into the next era. Every aspiring electro artist should take a page from Shlohmo in what they create. Definitely my favorite EPs so far this year with the freshest tracks from “Later” to “Out Of Hand” to “Without,” Laid Out is future music that needs more recognition.

Next is another great electronic artist, The Bear and The Sea. Being a local Portlander means that he knows knows what the people want when it comes to great electro music. TB&TS’s newest full length is called Trees Like You and offers some real chill beats. I really enjoy “The Girl’s Got Angel Wings,” Human Loop,” and “Astronaut Sun.” Most importantly is that you can name your own price for this 12 track album on the bandcamp page here. So through The Bear And The Sea a couple of bones for some ill beats.

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