Social Studies + Summer Heart

Two more great bands for everyone today. Starting off with the San Francisco five piece band Social Studies. Their sophomore full length album Developer came out last week. Social Studies is a rock infused pop band that has intricate melodies and amazing vocals to give their sound a bluesy kind of feel to it. Sometimes the guitar gets a little buried behind the drums and keys, but when it comes up in full force, it shreds your face off. It’s hard to say that this is a pop album with all the other types of influences implanted into their songs. I really enjoy Developer and you should go out and buy it, or at least listen to it below. My favorite tracks are “Delicate Hands” and “You Still Laughing.”

Next up is Swedish artist Summer Heart. His latest full length About A Feeling came out back in April this year. This chillwave sound is very creative. Summer Heart’s technique on auto-tune is very interesting, whether it’s used for layering vocals or for the main vocal track makes his sound much more unique. Besides the vocals though there is cool clangy guitars and well used keys and synthesizers throughout the tracks. Though maybe not my favorite album of the year, About A Feeling has several gems that I’ve been putting on repeat. “Rusted Scars,” “I Wanna Go,” and “Los Angeles Lies” are my favorites that have been wearing out my speakers, so check them out below.

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