Sonny & The Sunsets

Last week saw the latest from Sonny & The Sunsets, called Antenna To The Afterworld. These guys and gals have a great lo-fi, care free attitude sound to their music. They have a sound comparable to The Velvet Underground. They are able to create a chill vibe with an uptempo rock and roll beat. I like the first two tracks “Dark Corners” and “Mutilator.” The closing track has a cool story that is pretty interesting too. Check it out above.

Next up is solo artist Will Sturgeon, who goes by Brightener. He plays breezy guitar-pop music. His Make Real Friends EP came out last month, just in time for the start of summer. The EP starts off with a catchy guitar riff in “Echoes” that is backed by a driving drum beat. My favorite song is the title track “Make Real Friends.” This song has been my jam for the last week or so. It’s a really catchy song, that has different meanings for everyone. Most people can at least relate to the idea that we should make real friends. Check out the four song EP above and download it here.

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