South Of France

With Treefort Music Fest just weeks away I figured it was a good time to get to know a couple of more bands before attending. So let’s start with Denver/L.A. duo South Of France. Their debut album, Another Boring Sunrise, is full of chill pop-rock tunes that get stuck in your head very easily. What stands out the most is the catchy guitar fills and the surfy drum beats. South Of France sounds like a surf-rock band disguised as chill-pop, it makes for a fine listen. The standout tracks for me is the closer “The Midwest,” the opener “Lost in the Morning,” and “Writers Block.”

Next is local Portland band Talkative. They have a great freak-folk experimental type of sound. Their latest full length is called Frantically and it has a lot of different types of music in it. Ranging from drone to pop to rock, there is plenty of good stuffed into this album, it’s hard to not like them. Talkative will be playing this upcoming weekend at Firkin Tavern and Rontoms as well as Treefort. Check out Frantically above and download it for pay your own price.

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