Spoek Mathambo + Some Local Portland Bands

Listen up everyone because this music is what I like to call genre crashing. There is literally something in all these bands that anyone will like. Some tribal, a little rap, chill wave, synth house, and of course indie rock ‘n’ roll. First up is Spoek Mathambo with his latest album Father Creeper. This album definitely has a great South Africa influence to it, but not only that, there is a lot of Shabazz Palaces influence to it as well. Check out my favorite track below and stream the album below that.

Now for some local bands that also cross genres like nobody’s business. Lavender Mirror is another band that has a lot of tribal influence to them. Yet they are able to interweave a great club mix into their sound as well, but at the same time making their tracks nice and spacey as well. Check them out here.
Next is solo artist Pool of Winds. He’s got a great sound that is a mixture of the new ’80s chillwave that reminds me of Washed Out’s earlier EP and some really groovy euro house.

Yet another great genre crossing band, Onuinu (on-u in-u), has a kind of funky disco/house chill indie rock sound. Their synth loops makes for a really spacey sound as well though, so it’s a really dance-y yet groovy kind of music.

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