Starfawn + TEETH

So this week sees the release of a new duo’s EP Starfawn. This EP is one of the greatest this year. There is a lot of great synth work throughout all 6 tracks. This is chill wave at its finest folks, listen to it for free on their website¬†

Another cool band I have come across is Teeth, their new album, WHATEVER, came out yesterday. It’s a really crazy dance album. Lots of rockin’ beats with some chaos over the top with keys and synths. Yet they keep their sound fresh even with all that chaos. So check out the vid for their single “Care Bear”

Some more music that I have recently discovered is this really cool band called The Apples In Stereo. They are part of the original Elephant 6 Collective (Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control) so it’s good. They are kind of hippy-dippy a lot of the 70s pop influence. Check out their albums for free here, my favorite is The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone.

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