Treefort Music Fest Day 4

The fourth and final day of Treefort Music Fest was a magical day full of amazing music. It started with our first brewery show and ended with one of the weirdest house parties we’ve ever been to. It was an amazing weekend full of generous hospitality, incredible musicianship, and total grandness.



To start off the last day of Treefort we headed down to Woodland Empire brewery to the Apes On Tape showcase. The first band that we caught was Manatee Commune, a chillwave artist from Bellingham, WA.


Autonomics 1

Autonomics, as seen at Big Ass Boom Box, is a PDX up and comer with catchy and memorable tunes.



Despite the accusation, these guys are actually pretty agreeable. Check out this awesomely groovy DIY punk, a new project featuring Clark from Clark and the Himselfs.



AU is a cascading swirling mix of psychedelia. The kind of trips you go on as a little kid or in the moments before sleep.

AU – Boute from Nathan Sturgess on Vimeo.


Aan is one of our favorite Portland bands, and they seem to get better every time we see them.



Cumulus is some gratifying indie rock. It’s light on its feet. The sound makes our ears happy.

Thanks 3

Thanks is a really cool soul band from Portland.

The Joy Formidable 5

From North Wales comes the contemporary sounding tunage of The Joy Formidable. We thoroughly enjoy the live performance since the lead gal is overflowing with charisma.


First Borns 3

First Borns is just real good lo-fi freedom rock.


Bearcubbin 3

Bearcubbin’! is straight up math dance rock.



After being rocked by Bearcubbin’!, Boyfrndz came out with their brand of noise rock.



What is a Tartufi? I’m still not sure, but I know it’s doomy and rocks hard.

We would like to thank everyone who helped out at Treefort, all the musicians, the volunteers, the staff, and most importantly the city of Boise.

Interview with Aan


We interviewed Aan before their performance during their showcase show with Red Fang, and WL, about their upcoming album Amor Ad Nauseum coming out February 4th, 2014. Get down on their kickstarter here.

KS: I have a burning question, and that is, how was touring with Smashing Pumpkins?

AAN: Pretty cool, playing the shows themselves were really fun. And amazing– playing in front of 2,500 people. It’s funny how quickly you assimilate yourself. The first show we were just like, UHH…, and then by the third of fourth show it’s like, Oh Yeah. Because you kinda can’t take in 3,000 people. Three-thousand versus 400 people… you can and you can’t. Because at a certain level you can’t– for me at least I’m looking at faces and once I stop looking at faces it doesn’t really matter. And then meeting them was fun. We’re in the middle of the South, or in Florida, and we’re like “What are we doing here?

KS: Was that your first US tour, or just down South?

AAN: It was our first time down South. But we’ve done the East coast. The only place we have left is the Midwest. We haven’t gone there yet. But we’ve done all the West. We’re going to Canada next month so we’re finally going international.

KS: Does Billy talk like he sings?

AAN: We didn’t talk to him much, he was very guarded… MIA. But to answer your question, yes! He’s not easy to get to and he did not hang out at all. We hung out with the drummer, who we know, and Jeff the guitar player. He’s gigantic though.

KS: Is he? That’s what we hear, that he’s super tall.

AAN: He’s pretty tall, yeah, like 6’5” or something. We met him in his green room after our last show with him and he was eating a salad on the couch. We all just kind of piled in the doorway and tried to talk to him for a bit. You know you have so many questions that you would like to ask but really there’s not time for and five people are standing there with things they want to ask.

KS: Are you guys planning any recordings we should know about?

AAN: Yeah we’re putting our record out February 4 of next year. First full length record. Yeah, first full length. Lot’s of little things…

KS: Right on, like the 7”, the EP…

AAN: Yep, and the record will be our arrival when it comes out. The level of recording and music is much better than anything we’ve put out.

KS: Where did you guys record?

AAN: A couple different places. We recorded for a week out at Lincoln City in an A-frame cabin. We brought out a bunch a gear, and borrowed some really nice stuff. Tracked the majority of it out there, and then did a lot of mixing and additional vocals at Jeff’s studio. He’s since moved, but he was working in a studio in Northeast called The Trench. Greg— a producer guy in town Greg Williams, he had a studio and I ended up occupying with him for a couple of years. It was super fun. We finished the last couple tracks at the Auditorium it’s the Dandy Warhols recording studio. Yeah it was done quick, we did a lot of cool location stuff…

KS: My next question is, where did the band name come from? A-A-N?

AAN: Well the title of the full-length record is Amor Ad Nauseum. And that is also where the name comes from. It was a thing that I was using for my own recordings back in, once I got out of college, in 2005 I would do bedroom recordings. It was a lot more moody, kind of folky-ish. Freak folk.

KS: I like that, totally. I’d like to hear that.

AAN: Very freaky, very folky.

KS: Did you say it was the title of the record?

AAN: Yeah it’s sort of tying it all together. It’s some fake Latin word play.

KS: Yeah, I enjoy it. I like showing it to my friends, and they’re like “How the fuck do you pronounce that?”

AAN: It’s a running joke on stage for us as well. “Ladies and gentlemen, It’s ANN!” For a show we playing with Smashing Pumpkins our greenroom door had A-N-N. No, not Ann, do your homework.

KS: So you said it’s fake Latin though…

AAN: It’s like one of those things where it’s probably how you would say it but it’s not definitely something that would be said, it’s sort of modernized and bastardized. Well Amor Ad Nauseum, Amor of course is love and ad nauseum … but nausea and like—to love until you’re sick. And Ad Nauseum is also a term that just means repetitive, over and over and over again. And when you see the cover of our record it’ll start to make sense. It’s my lady friend’s mom’s dog and she got into a porcupine, and she’s just covered in quills. But she has this demure posture, she’s just very calm, chilling. And it just looks like that same thing. It’s being lovelorn, and you just keep going and going even though you know it’s bad for you. That’s what Amor Ad Nauseum originally came from to me.

KS: We’re so excited. Your guys’ music is one of our favorite from Portland, what bands do you guys like playing with around the area?

AAN: And And And, we love And And And. Sun Angle, Radiation City. I like any kind of dark heavier stuff but with pop sensibility. As far as drawing a crowd Radiation City just know how to write a cut that takes you to different places, that might not put you down where you started from… This will be a pretty sweet show.

KS: Have you guys seen WL?

AAN: Yeah, we played with them two years ago for Into the Woods.

KS: Right on. Did they even exist back then? A couple years ago?

AAN: Yeah it was their second show. We have not played with Red Fang. But we saw them at Musicfest last year, at Roseland. Maybe two years ago… two years ago. Loud! They opened for Dinosaur Jr that year.

KS: Oh shit!

Aan + Eight Bells + Zechs Marquise

Got some great math metal for you all today. Those unfamiliar with the term, math metal is a sub-genre of metal that includes weird time signatures and awesome syncopation. So first up is El Paso, TX band Zechs Marquise. These guys rock super hard, with driving bass lines, dynamite drumming, and psychedelic guitars. Their latest album, Getting Paid is absolutely fantastic, it’s a lot like exploring a place that you haven’t been to before. Check them out below. Getting Paid is a really cohesive album so you should listen to it all the way through, but if I had to choose a couple of tracks check out the first two and “Time Masters.” The cover art is also really cool too.

Next up is local Portland band Eight Bells. I was able to see them recently at the PDX Pop Now festival, and they totally rocked faces off there. More along the lines of noise rock, it’s hard to believe there are only three people in the band. A sweeping guitar that can go from 0-150 mph in 0.3 seconds into a screeching, blistering solo, some crazy awesome drumming, and bass lines that either glide or set the tone on where to head bang. These ladies, and gentleman, know how to please the ears. Check out their demo Isosceles below, and be on the lookout for their debut full length hopefully coming out at the end of the year.

Last up is another local band called Aan, pronounced on. These guys are more of an experimental pop-rock band. You can also say that they have some folky undertones to them as well. I really enjoy their sound, and their singer has a really cool voice that lends to their unique sound. I’m really looking forward to their debut full length album that is set to come out in the fall. Check out the single “I Don’t Need Love” below, also their 7″ that came out last year.