And And And

New music from local Portlanders, And And And. After multiple EP releases the band has put out their first full length album called The Failure. And And And is a mixture of punk and indie rock, and sounds like the perfect drinking alone because you’re sad music. The Album starts off with a banger of a track in “Bow Down.” The drums come right out and attack you while the vocals howl out “If you know the neighborhood he’s in // Let’s look him up and fuck him up again.” Following the first track is the single “A Real Case of the Blues” (check out the video below). As The Failure progresses the songs get a little slower and a bit more soulful. And And And is playing Doug Fir Lounge tomorrow night to celebrate the release of this record. Be sure to check them out and enjoy.

Treefort Music Fest Day 2

Friday March 21st brought the heat by ending the night with Magic Sword and Odesza, with a special appearance by Slow Magic. We knew the weekend was about to toward weird after a cop showed up at the unofficial Portland Fort in the early afternoon.

Sama Dams 1
P-Fort is an unofficial day show featuring Portland Bands. We missed Duck! Little Brother, Duck! but came just in time for Sama Dams’ high energy psyched out set. This sound is lush and rich and most importantly rocks hard. We almost got shut down by the cops, but they were nice and let us continue with the garage doors closed.

And And And 1
And And And and the Rigsketball Rig made an appearance at the P-Fort showcase. Even though we saw them last night, we really enjoyed ruminating on the new material again.

THEEsatisfaction 2
Over at Main Stage THEEsatisfaction are some of the freshest MCs we’ve seen, and Treefort in previous years has brought the likes of Grieves, K.Flay, Sage Francis, and Brother Ali. Both their voices are immediately recognizable from their work with other Seattle post-rappers Shabazz Palaces.

This is the type of music where the word visceral seems perfect. Like the name suggests, a young woman Kelsey sings with the soberness and melancholy of someone thrice her age. Her vocals and acoustic guitar are the main attractions, turned up with reverb and delivered with passion. Grandma Kelsey is the singer-songwriter that makes us excited about singer-songwriters in the best way. The live show is entrancing so we didn’t care to snap a bunch of noisy photos so you’ll just have to go see her on her upcoming US tour.

Blockhead 1
We catch Blockhead’s tight new set. He’s Aesop’s DJ and is on tour right now.



After Blockhead I popped over to El Korah Shrine for some grunge rock in Junior Rocket Scientist. These guys have such an excellent sound to their music. You’ve got to check them out.



In between JRS and Genders, I decided to go check out the Crux. The band I saw was a low-fi punk band called The Funs. They are a cool 2 piece from Chicago.

Hooves 1
Next we check out Spokane’s Hooves at Neurolux and their heavy post rock Jams. Hooves conjures headbanging from everyone everywhere, always.

iamsu 1
Back at Mainstage Iamsu! and the whole HBK Gang is laying their phat beats beneath a flowing river of rhymes. These guys just put out a highly dopaliscous compilation called Gang Forever. This is some serious R&B Rap shit.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”300″ iframe=”true” /]

Genders is my favorite band. Their sound is so classic yet fresh, the lyrics thoughtful and intriguing. Their melodies are contagiously carefree yet uncanny. Wherever these people come up with their shit, it sounds great all together.

Fires in France 1
Their website says ‘arena rock’ which is a semi-appropriate for these guys if they werent playing a coffee shop in Boise. Even though the radio pop emo sound isn’t one we’d normally cover, you have to hand it to these guys; they’re great. The songs are interestingly composed and sincerely done, and the guitarist is capable of licks and pull offs that make jaws and panties drop.

The Warm Hair 2
There are many musicians stuck in certain decades, and for The Freebird it’s the 70’s. Naked underneath his nicely fit Canadian tuxedo, this guy whips up an awesome blend of blues rock, groovy Seventies heavy metal, and classic folk stuffs. But it still sounds so fresh!! Apparently Doug Martsch discovered these guys back in the day, and they’re still pretty unknown. Never ever miss The Warm Hair if they’re in your town. Even if it means you have to quit your job.

Slam Dunk 1
Slam Dunk is the kind of party music that doesn’t pretend shit. They’re a goddamn party.

Eagle Twin 3
Remember the first time you heard some good doom metal? Maybe you were too stoned, and I was too, but it’s sort of like that. Eagle Twin trudges along leaving deep postholes in a wake of heavy sludge.

A Sea of Glass 2
The Bouquet is a cool little coffee shop/ all ages venue in downtown Boise which drew a young crowd. A Sea of Glass filled a jammed up room with super chill atmospheric indie rock, which is progressive minded and thoroughly sedated. The violin gives it a posty feel at times and folksy at others. Pretty nice.
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=788b78&show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Ugly Hussy 2
Ugly Hussy is what an awesome Modest-Mouse-sounding indie band sounds like if it were being played by just one guy. He uses loops and delays as tools, but ultimately layers of rad indie music is what’s he’s interested in.

Magic Sword 1
So it’s late now and although we suspect this might happen, things get really weird. We’ve been digging on this DJ from Boise, Magic Sword because of his 80’s video game and medieval-step undertones, but when we walk through the doors of Knitting Factory, a giant outrageous dance club and there are two guys on stage wearing robes and mesh masks that have LEDs for eyes! It was a super fun time.

Treefort Music Fest Day 1

March 20th 2014 marked the start of an epic journey to consume as much live music as humanly possible in one weekend. Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID provided the perfect hunting grounds for the Killing Sasquatch crew. The journey consisted of four days full of rock, pop, electronic, metal, hip-hop, house parties, garage shows, and brewery showcases. So without further delay here is our coverage of Day 1, Treefort Music Fest.

If there’s one excuse to get out of Portland, Treefort is it. It all starts with King Brat, featuring Jessica the drummer from Red Hands Black Feet. These guys have a saturated crossover of hardcore and rock and roll. The kind that spawns mosh pits from thin air.

The Kitchen 1
We ducked over to the recently augmented Crux to see The Kitchen, some really weird but beautiful and sincere experimental rock from Moscow. The live set packs a different punch than the records, so make sure to check this band of best friends and artists whenever they’re in town.

After some delicious Pie Hole pizza we popped over to Neurolux to see And And And play some new songs. This material sounded more serious and intense than some of their more light-hearted favorites. It’s still a huge party, so these sophisticated considerations suit their music well.



After seeing And And And, we headed over to Linen Building to catch our favorite Boise bands, Red Hands Black Feet. They played a bunch of new songs with their new drummer, and it sounds most excellent. This post-rock band seriously hits the spot and we cannot wait for new material to be released.

Back over at Crux, our buddies Animal Eyes began pumping their joyous tunage into the room. Lead accordionist Sam sings with classic style and the band elevates the festive jangly mood. Animal Eyes is easily one of Portland’s premier rock acts.

This Will Destroy You is from the old school of post-rock, loosely associated with Godspeed You Black Emperor, the sound is heavy and slow. Live they play with conviction. The audience stares blankly as their minds are transported.

Finally we saw Sword of a Bad Speller who are at first a couple of white kids rapping badly. It quickly reached the point of absurdity, so there’s no choice but to get into it. They eventually pick up instruments and closed out a fun impromptu afterparty.

Live: Maps & Atlases, And And And, The We Shared Milk

The first Tuesday of March was not only Fat Tuesday, but also happened to be the latest installment of Red Bull Sound Select: Portland. This show featured local favorites And And And and The We Shared Milk. The headliners were Chicago indie pop musicians, Maps & Atlases.

The We Shared Milk played first and absolutely rocked the Doug Fir Lounge. With their fuzz jam-rock style of music, TWSM everyone started feeling warm and cozy.




Next up was And And And. These punks have got an ill-defined indie rock sound to their music. They are the perfect band to get drunk, head bang, and have a grand ol’ time to. This was one of And And And’s best shows that I’ve been to.





Last up was headliners Maps & Atlases. These guys I have not heard as much, but their sound was pretty good live. Pretty pop-y, with a little indie dance. Honestly it sounds like most of the “alternative” music that gets played on the radio too much. They had a good show though.


Malt Ball 2013

Saturday was the 2nd annual Malt Ball at the Wonder Ballroom. It was a celebration of Portland music and breweries. As each of the bands paired with a brewery to make a specialty beer. The standouts were Sons Of Huns’ Kiss The Goat with Gigantic Brewery coming in at 6.66% ABV, Minden’s Popa Cherry tart beer with 10% ABV, and And And And’s Can Can Can from Fort George. But enough about beer, the music is what really brought me to the Malt Ball in the first place.

The first band that played was Street Nights, a four piece rock band. With classical rock influences, it’s easy to immediately enjoy their sound; with catchy riffs, great vocals, and some bad ass high-flying guitar solos. Street Nights have a full length album coming out in April called You Have My Word.

As Minden started to take the stage, more and more people started filling the venue and their drinking mugs. Minden has such a unique sound, it’s like seeing a really hip lounge band that puts out some of the freshest pop music.

After Minden’s rad set, Marty Marquis set up his solo set. The acoustic set was a nice change of pace for the early start. Marty’s solo music is much more mellow than what he normally plays in Blitzen Trapper. You can download his album Coronal Mass Vernacular for name your own price here.

A big change to the sound came when Hausu took the stage. With their brand of hardcore emo-punk rock, they ripped the stage with their guitars.

After Hausu came my most anticipated band of the day Old Light. They did not disappoint in the least. These older indie rockers of Portland shredded so many faces at the Wonder Ballroom. Lead vocalist/guitarist Garth Klippert has one of the coolest guitars that matches the sound that they put out. Check out their latest cassette release called NO down below.

The last band that came on for the first half of Malt Ball was Caleb Klauder’s Country Band. Obviously more on the side of country music the band still had elements of rock and roll. Though I didn’t stay too long to see them, they have a good sound. Check out their music here.

After a brief intermission and some food from Bunk Sandwiches the second showcase started with a bang with Divers. A unique mixture of punk and rock and roll makes up the sound of Divers. You can listen to their newest songs here.

Wooden Indian Burial Ground quickly took the stage after Divers and proceeded to rock everyone’s face off. With their surf-punk style of spazz-rock they got the crowd to start rocking out pretty hard.

After WIBG got done with their set, Gaytheist took to the ballroom stage with their blend of hard rock and emo-core sound. They rocked the crowd super hard, as more people started getting more beers in their belly. I really enjoy their recordings as well, check out Stealth Beats down below.

Local favorite And And And took the stage after Gaytheist was done slaying it. If you haven’t heard And And And or seen them live before, definitely take some time to get No Party into your earholes. These guys rip it so hard.

The last band that I caught for the night was Sons Of Huns. These guys have a classic heavy-rock/metal sound straight from the 80s. Sons Of Huns killed it as they were able to get a little mosh pit going towards the end of their set.

Malt Ball was a super fun time with amazing music and great beer all day long. I wish I could have stayed for Radiation City, but I had too much beer for the day. Hopefully this will be a tradition that will continue for many years.

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