Treefort Music Fest Day 3

Saturday March 22nd was the day that the Killing Sasquatch collective split up for most of the night to catch all types of awesome shows.


The Grizzled Mighty 2

To start the day off on Saturday, we went to the main stage at 2 o’clock and saw Seattle duo The Grizzled Mighty. These two rock so hard, it was a great wake up call.


Hollow Wood 1

We stuck around the main stage to catch a little bit of Hollow Wood. They are Boise’s featured folk-rock band. Hollow Wood is currently touring with Typhoon.



We quickly jumped over to Crux to catch Big Tits. This ended up being one of my favorite shows. Most of the band was jumping into the audience and rocking out with the people. Then to end the set the singer dove head first into the drum kit. Super punk!



It was back to the main stage to catch The Cave Singers. These guys always put on a great show whenever I see them, and this time did not disappoint.



After Cave Singers I went to check out Bad90s, a local Boise pop group. Their setup was super ’90s to say the least. A white frontdrop clothe with bad Windows ’95 visualizer so that the audience could only see silhouettes. The music was real good too.


Hobosexual 1

Hobosexual was also one of my favorite shows of Saturday. This duo from Seattle rock super hard, with blues and metal influences. Towards the end of the set the guitarist gave an audience member a hug and continued shredding the song he was playing.



New Madrid’s recordings have a somewhat mellow laid back feel to them. But seeing their live performance completely blew me away. They blew up the stage with their melodic rock and roll.


RJD2 2

Master disc jockey, RJD2, was the headliner for the main stage on Saturday. He was spinning and mixing some really awesome beats that got everyone dancing. The best part was that he acknowledged almost everyone’s hollers and confessions of love by giving them a big smile.


Later on in the evening I caught one of my favorite bands Swimming at Crux. Their sound is a plethora of excellent guitar riffs and upbeat lyrics. Swimming played a lot of newer songs that all sound most excellent. They just got done with a Spring tour and will be recording their new material a little later on in the summer.

Dark Swallows 1
Rich and velvety female led post-rock from Boise.

Hustle and Drone 2
Hustle and Drone has a great electro-pop feel, and is a staple band around Portland.

SUMMER CANNIBALSSummer Cannibals 2
A little more Portland love goes out to Summer Cannibals whose surfy garagey rock and roll kicks so much ass we happened to snap the above photo. Definitely get down on Summer Cannibals if you’re not already.

At a certain point on Saturday we lay down our cameras and commence the gonzo journalism portion of our Treefort coverage.

In the Underground of Tom Grainey’s wonderful triple-venue bar, there was a showcase of premium Boise local electro-house. Check out Sugarpillz and imagine a small basmenet room full of Idahoian locals mixed with music fest goers and you’ve got a good idea of Sugarpillz. They’re loosely associated with Pedro Rolas, who also killed it, founder of Audiomedics from Boise.


If you’ve ever wished for a jazzed up mix of indie jam and funk then Jupiter Holiday is the absolute shit. Seriously, get down.


Polecat is a quirksy bluegrass band who headlined Tom Grainey’s mainstage on Saturday night. Lots of folks danced like it was the end of their night, and some just ended up back downstairs for more music.

We’re not typically fans of jam music but when you get four or five dozen chill people together in the basement of Tom Grainey’s and put the Magic Beans on stage, then, welp, shit gets weird and coincidentally awesome. Definitely one of the more fun and memorable concerts of the entire festival. The Magic Beans is simply great live music.

The Hunting Grounds

This past Memorial Day weekend was the 11th annual Sasquatch! Music Festival. It’s hard to put into words the experience of Sasquatch! for those who have not gone before. The Gorge Amphitheater is the best outdoor venue anywhere, it’s every adjective you can use all at once. There are thousands and thousands of people all looking out for each other. The party doesn’t stop unless you want to go to sleep. And of course the music is always top notch. So let me go over some highlights for you all.
Friday was sitting in line to get into the venue, then Starfucker was killing it at the huge Banana Shack now equipped with lasers and lights. After Starfucker we went to the Sasquatch stage to see some Girl Talk to kill some time before getting wrecked at Explosions In The Sky. Explosions was one of my favorite acts all weekend, people were throwing glow sticks for them and just generally rocking out.

Saturday we caught Reptar, who put on a great show followed by Starfucker again since I Break Horses couldn’t make it. Alabama Shakes had a fantastic show as well. Purity Ring and Dum Dum Girls were my favorite shows on Saturday though Kurt Vile had a great show too. We also caught The Helio Sequence (really good live) and Tune-Yards before heading over to see the headliners, The Shins and Jack White.

Sunday came and we went in early to catch Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. who put on a great show playing all their good songs and a couple of new ones. After DEJrJr we saw Hospitality who were a new act for me, they played really well and have a cute rock ‘n’ roll sound. Then it was on to folk quintuple Trampled By Turtles and Here We Go Magic. Trampled By Turtles had a great set while Here We Go Magic had a much weirder sound than I thought they would. We caught the end of Blind Pilot which was awesome followed by The War On Drugs who were amazing! Then after a brief refueling at the campsite we proceeded back to the music for the night with Wild Flag, Star Slinger, The Head & Heart, The Walkmen, Beirut, Little Dragon, and Bon Iver. Little Dragon was really strange but the rest of the shows were absolutely beautiful.

Monday was finally upon us before we knew it. Feeling run down before the music began made me feel old so I decided to try and stay cool and take it easy. But it’s hard to take it easy when Gary Clark Jr., Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Joy Formidable rock so hard that the lead singer for Joy Formidable kicks a monitor off the stage. Though I had been standing in the shade all day I still felt really sunburned, but I trooped on catching Feist, Shabazz Palaces, and The Cave Singers. All of them had a fantastic show. We left during the end of Cave Singers to go catch Siversun Pickups, Tenacious D, and Beck. Though Mogwai couldn’t make it we did end up catching a little bit of Nero on the way out. Tenacious D was probably my favorite show the entire weekend, though all performances have their own unique aspect. The D put on a rock opera, playing out their songs in a theatrical matter. At one point Sasquatch came out, killed the guitar player, picked up the guitar then proceeded to shred, making everyone in the audience go crazy. “Um… did Sasquatch just kill our guitar player?” asks Kyle Gas, then the guitar player gets possessed by Satan and challenges Jack and Kyle to a guitar duel. Quite an amazing performance from them. And oh yeah, they had a giant Phoulix a.k.a Penix on stage as well. After seeing that show rock is not dead.

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