Treefort Music Fest Pt 2

After a month long hiatus we are back with a vengeance and ready to rock! Let’s go ahead and finish out that Treefort Music Festival coverage that we have been sitting on for a while.
Part 2 of our series picks up on Friday with a butt load of bands.

Obscured by the Sun

Obscured by the Sun jumped right into their heavy post rock jams and didn’t stop. Their new album Outlaw is a great exploration of rhythm and you should check it out.

Obscured by the Sun (photo: Keith Chaloux)

Finn Riggins

Got to see Finn Riggins play this song.

Finn Riggins 2

Holiday Friends

Holiday Friends were as vibrant and energetic as usual. They were handing out these Mini-Magic EPs which were very handy for the 7 hr drive home.


Lost Lander

Lost Lander brought their A game of party pop to the El Korah.

Lost Lander (photo: Jeff Hoffman)

Built To Spill

Buitl To Spill was the headliner for Friday night at the main stage. They played a lot of classics and a bunch of songs from the new album Untethered Moon.




Smokey Brights

These guys definitely killed it. Smokey Brights has such a rockin’ vibe to them, it is hard not to have the best time while watching them.



We caught the last couple of songs from ELEL, and they were just fantastic. Really groovy electro-pop sound from these guys.


Summer Cannibals

Our favorites, Summer Cannibals, had an amazing show as always.

Summer Cannibals

The Ghost Ease

Another favorite Portland band The Ghost Ease straight killed it all weekend long.



Delicate Steve

To end the night we caught Delicate Steve. I’ve been a huge advocate for Delicate Steve and they did not disappoint in the slightest.





Treefort Music Fest 2013 Day 1

It’s finally Treefort Music Fest 2013. One river gorge, one mountain range, and a time-zone later, the Killing Sasquatch crew arrives in Boise just in time to get our wristbands and pile into this year’s hot new venue El Korah Shrine to see Finn Riggins.

Frontman Eric Gilbert is the festival organizer and mastermind behind this manifestation of the thriving music scene in Idaho, so it’s only appropriate that they open up the festival. El Korah Shrine is a great classic all-wood dance-hall style venue which is brimming with all types of folks waiting for Finn Riggins to rock. Noticeably excited, and understandably so, they begin with the heavyweight track ‘Arrow’ off their new Benchwarmers EP. The crowd loosens up when the favorite ‘Dali’ comes up. They deliver a new track and some flourishing classics, and the dance party of Treefort seems to begin.
We bomb down to Red Room to see Caldwell/Boise act Lakefriend. Sharing members with one of our favorites last year, Fountains, Lakefriend plays some down-home and technically demanding indie rock. In a world where effects pedals rule, Lakefriend is mankind’s only hope. Their set is richly toned, despite the noticeable lack of pedals of any type, and they achieve a sound with a variety of influences from Built to Spill to American new wave, with a focus on high-powered rhythmic motives. Stay tuned, we will be keeping a very close eye out for all Lakefriend-related activity. Check their song on soundcloud here.

We stay at Red Room, sipping delicious Payette brews, in order to catch a glimpse of Seattle band; Neighbors. These guys also dish out a big helping of awesome indie rock. Their ancestry appears to be of mixed ska-punk and classic alt-rock heritage, such as the likes of Velvet Underground and Modern Lovers.
In pursuit of more great music, we went to the Neurolux to see the doom metal up-and-comers Uzala. Their brand of swirling bubbling sludge is just plain heavy. The female vocalist soars over the desolate fuzzscape as the audience head bangs in submission to their presence. Check out their awesome music below.

Red Room is definitely one of our favorite crusty alternative venues here in Boise, and we end up back there just in time for Pony Time. Their sound is very much in line with the punked out indie rock we’ve seen in Lakefriend and Neighbors, but with a precise, crunched out bass and drums two-piece setup. This lends an even heavier, droning atmosphere and makes Pony Time a very enjoyable listen. With the super loud music and bouncing fans, these guys are amazing live.

After Pony Time we strolled over to the Crux to see one of our favorite Olympia bands Lake. LAKE, and all their other side projects including Baby Island and Memory Boys, originate from the forests of Puget Sound’s Whidbey Island, where their music resonates with the reclusive rural Cascadian existence. LAKE emanates pure pop goodness, with subdued rock elements and intriguing imagery which is only achievable by such visionaries as LAKE’s Ashley Eriksson and Eli Moore.

We catch wind of an impromptu Delicate Steve show back at El Korah Shrine where the night began, and mob down there to see a devoted crowd who stayed after the at-capacity Unknown Mortal Orhestra show. Moving up front, we watch Steve and the crew shred up their songs like a block of cheddar cheese. Their usually delicate music is transformed into a wave of cacophonous righteousness, washing over the crowd in warm blankets of sound. People move their feet and wave their arms to the virtuosic music which the performers so obviously delight in making. If Treefort was only a one-night event, Delicate Steve could have ended it for us in the perfect fashion.

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Top Albums of 2012 Part 4 of 5: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Now for every body’s favorite category, rock ‘n’ roll. The spirit of rebellion and youthful-ness is the true mean of rock ‘n’ roll. These artists and albums are our favorite from this year check it out.

Alabama Shakes – Boys And Girls

Alabama Shakes’ debut album is full of soul, reminding us all that rock came from blues music. The guitar riffs and vocals are golden on Boys And Girls. I can not wait to hear more from this band.

Best Coast – The Only Place

Another solid album from Best Coast this year as they bring their beach pop-rock back for another round. The Only Place focuses on just how awesome being on the best coast really is.

Caspian – Waking Season

This post-rock band has been around for some time now and this new album is super solid, dare I say hella posty. Check out the entirety “>here and be taken away for a while.

Cloud Nothings – Attack On Memory

Cloud Nothings have such a cool, post-punk kind of sound. Attack On Memory has a lot of different elements for anyone to draw on, ranging from a Slint/Nirvana feel to old school punk to pop-rock it has something to offer everyone.

DIIV – Oshin

This Brooklyn band has been on the up-rise since the release of their singles. When Oshin came out it immediately received my stamp of approval. With a sound like Real Estate and an uptempo Pure X this album is definitely a favorite of mine this year. Check it out “>here.

Fang Island – Major

This album has been on repeat all summer long for us. With their own brand of pop-metal Fang Island is always a hit for me. Check out the whole album here.

Finn Riggins – Benchwarmers

Finn Riggins is one of our favorite Boise bands and they came out with a great EP back in April. The prog-rock pop elements they bring are so catchy, it’s hard not to dance.

Grandparents – Fumes

Another great EP release from local Portland bands Grandparents. Fumes has a great psychedelic dream-rock feel to it. I can’t wait to here more new music from these guys and girl.

Heartless Bastards – Arrow

This album rocks and rolls so hard you might think you were back in the 70s. Arrow has great vocals and sweet guitar riffs along with bodacious songwriting. Check it all out here.

Japandroids – Celebration Rock

With Japandroids’ sophomoric full length album they showed more maturity with their songwriting and style.

Jeff The Brotherhood

Another solid album from The Brotherhood, with this one produced by Dan Auerbach (Black Keys), it is definitely worth buying.

Pond – Beard, Wives, Denim

Pond has a classic psychedelic rock and roll style that kicks you back to the 70s. You can see just how awesome this album is by going here to listen to it.

PS I Love You – Death Dreams

Sentimental Dishes by PS I Love You on Grooveshark

PS I Love You is a two man band from Canada that know how to rock out. Death Dreams is full of post punk-rock riffs with really great songwriting included for your pleasure. Check it out here.

Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Spiritualized’s latest album is so full with indie rock ‘n’ roll, cream filling will star pouring out of your orifices.

Tame Impala – Lonerism

Not only is Lonerism a great album name, but it is a great sounding album. It is everything you want in a rock and roll LP. Listen to it’s entirety here.

Treefort Music Festival

To whoever says that Boise, Idaho doesn’t know how to party will be proven wrong with the inaugural Treefort Music Fest happening at the end of March. This is one of the most stacked lineups of unknown independent bands I have seen! The headliners for the music fest are Built To Spill, Why?, and Of Montreal. With supporting bands such as Blitzen Trapper, Delicate Steve, Typhoon, and Finn Riggins, and a 4-day pass costing only 79 dollars there’s really no excuse not to see this festival. Below are some excellent examples of why everyone should come to Treefort.
Desert Noises have a great sound that reminds me of a certain band named Fleet Foxes. Really catchy drums and groovin’ bass lines makes it more uptempo, yet still sounds like a crisp sunny morning. Make sure you check out their album Mountain Sea on the bandcampsite. Also check out the awesome single “Oak Tree” below.

Next band I want to share is Red Hands Black Feet, an instrumental band that have heavy influence from Modest Mouse, Russian Circles, and Minus The Bear. They build up each track so well to a sometimes overwhelming climax, your not sure what just happened until after the fact. Check out their stuff here.

Last one for tonight is Shades. Their debut album Clear Motions just dropped last month, and I assure you it is a must listen. They have a great electro-pop chill wave sound going on. Great beats and cool vocals fill this album so go and check it out on their soundcloud page here.

Tender Loving Empire

One of the best record labels based in Portland, Oregon is Tender Loving Empire. Some of the greatest Northwest indie bands are on this label. Something about all the bands is that feeling of classic American nostalgia. Almost like folk music, but you can hardly say that about Finn Riggins. They are more of a prog-rock trio with some steel drums in a couple of their tracks. Though they haven’t come out with a full length album in two years, they just released a single “Some Are Knightz.”
Now Jared Mees & The Grown Children are one of my new favorite bands. They just released their third album on the label called Only Good Thoughts Can Stay, which is a very appropriate title for this album. Another thing about all the bands from Tender Loving Empire is that they put on great live shows, and it seems like they are always putting on shows all over the Northwest.
Other great bands include; Typhoon, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Y La Bamba, Loch Lomond, Radiation City, and more!
You can also stream full albums from some of these bands for free here.