First Aid Kit + Sun Angle

Hey everyone, I’ve been sort of lazy this past week, but I’ve got some great music for you today. We’ll start with First Aid Kit. Their latest effort is called The Lion’s Roar and it is a beautiful epic folk album. The leading ladies have got some of the greatest harmonies I’ve heard in a while. The country twang to their sound makes it kind of hard to believe they are from Sweden, but it’s true. Make sure to check it out here and their older stuff here and my favorite track below.

Next up is a band I just saw live last week and I thoroughly enjoyed their music very much, they are called Sun Angle. Amazing drumming, shredding guitar, and heavily reverb and echo-y vocals are the cornerstone for this band. They are very fun to listen to. I mean how can you not love that drummer. Some very superb music, name your own price for their EP here, or listen to it below.