Manatee Commune

New release by one of our favorite electronic artists, Manatee Commune. The solo project of Grant Eadie has been gaining the recognition he deserves. The new EP release is called Thistle. It’s a great mix of chillwave rhythms and bouncy pop melodies. Manatee Commune is one of those artists that you can listen to over and over and not get tired of it. Thistle is no exception, starting off with the lush, booty shaking track “Brick Orange” shows that this EP is even more dance prone than his previous releases. “Blueberry” starts off more chilled, until it gets to that breakdown. Right in the middle of Thistle is the single and possibly my favorite track of his, “Clay” featuring Marina Price. Manatee Commune brings the house down with the new EP Thistle, so be sure to check it out. He is about to start a mini tour in April and will be playing Portland/Seattle on the 10th and 11th this month.

Live: Slow Magic + Manatee Commune

Last night saw the return of Red Bull Sound Select showcase here in Portland. It was another amazing show with a killer lineup featuring a couple artists that we love, Slow Magic and Manatee Commune.

The night started off with local electro DJ, Quarry. His recordings sound different than his live show, but what is important is his style of beat making. I really enjoy his work, whether it’s a beautiful melody that can put you to sleep, or an abrasive dance beat that gets all your body parts moving.

(Photo credit: Aaron Rogosin)

Next was an artist that we have featured many times here, and for good reason, it was Manatee Commune. For his second time in Portland, Manatee Commune just absolutely destroyed the Doug Fir Lounge. The crowd was grooving and grinding to the chillwave beats.

Manatee Commune
(Photo credit: Killing Sasquatch)

The headliner for the night was Slow Magic. An incredible anonymous electronic artist, that wears a glowing mask and drums on two toms like a wild child. The live show is so fun, he is a must see act.

Slow Magic
(Photo credit: Aaron Rogosin)

Premiere: Manatee Commune

We have a very special premiere of the new remix from Manatee Commune. This is a track that has been on constant repeat from one of our favorite electronic artists, Odesza. It is called “Say My Name” which features Zyra on vocals. The Manatee Commune remix chills out the club feeling of the original and makes it a more intimate dance song. Manatee Commune’s music has that overall chill-wave vibe to it, but this track combines the power of one of the hottest electronic artists today in Odesza, with that cozy buoyant sound of Manatee Commune.
Manatee Commune will also be making his live debut in Portland, December 11th at the Doug Fir Lounge. His live performance is entrancing and should not be missed. Check out his other recent remix of Kairos’s “Cold Habits.”

Manatee Commune

Coming from Bellingham, WA is the electronic artist Manatee Commune, releasing his latest full length album Brush on May 1st. The album is a beautiful piece of chillwave electro-pop. Grant Eadie mixes his viola and guitar playing into well layered lushes of organic electronic tunes. The first track “White Smoke” immediately grabs your attention with the female vocals and the trippy drum beats that oscillates in spectacular fashion. My other favorite tracks have to be “Epiphany, If Only” and “Lovely.” Brush is most definitely an album that will be up there in the best of 2014 list.

Manatee Commune – Brush (Official Music Video) from Tyler Michael James on Vimeo.

Treefort Music Fest Day 4

The fourth and final day of Treefort Music Fest was a magical day full of amazing music. It started with our first brewery show and ended with one of the weirdest house parties we’ve ever been to. It was an amazing weekend full of generous hospitality, incredible musicianship, and total grandness.



To start off the last day of Treefort we headed down to Woodland Empire brewery to the Apes On Tape showcase. The first band that we caught was Manatee Commune, a chillwave artist from Bellingham, WA.


Autonomics 1

Autonomics, as seen at Big Ass Boom Box, is a PDX up and comer with catchy and memorable tunes.



Despite the accusation, these guys are actually pretty agreeable. Check out this awesomely groovy DIY punk, a new project featuring Clark from Clark and the Himselfs.



AU is a cascading swirling mix of psychedelia. The kind of trips you go on as a little kid or in the moments before sleep.

AU – Boute from Nathan Sturgess on Vimeo.


Aan is one of our favorite Portland bands, and they seem to get better every time we see them.



Cumulus is some gratifying indie rock. It’s light on its feet. The sound makes our ears happy.

Thanks 3

Thanks is a really cool soul band from Portland.

The Joy Formidable 5

From North Wales comes the contemporary sounding tunage of The Joy Formidable. We thoroughly enjoy the live performance since the lead gal is overflowing with charisma.


First Borns 3

First Borns is just real good lo-fi freedom rock.


Bearcubbin 3

Bearcubbin’! is straight up math dance rock.



After being rocked by Bearcubbin’!, Boyfrndz came out with their brand of noise rock.



What is a Tartufi? I’m still not sure, but I know it’s doomy and rocks hard.

We would like to thank everyone who helped out at Treefort, all the musicians, the volunteers, the staff, and most importantly the city of Boise.