Red Hands Black Feet

New music from the post-rock group Red Hands Black Feet, called We Must Fall Forever if We Survive. These guys are one of our favorite bands out of Boise. The new album is quite magical, there are so many moments that you just get lost in the movement. Red Hands Black Feet create a sense of falling forever, but making it okay to do so. We Must Fall Forever if We Survive is a real epic of an album, with beautiful songs. You got to listen to it.

Treefort Music Fest pt. 3

Day 3 of Treefort was quite an adventure. It was the most dance filled day of the festival by far. There were so many bands so lets get it started.

Desert Noises

Desert Noises 1

Desert Noises 2

Desert Noises 3

It was great to see our favorite Utah band Desert Noises again. They have so much energy for their live shows.

Terrible Light

Terrible Light1
Terrible Light2

Terrible Light is seriously beyond description. Listen to these beautifully gritty demos.



Couches seriously rocked it hard in the late afternoon.

For Fucks Sake

For Fucks Sake

For Fucks Sake was approximately what it sounds like. Grating electro-noise from a guy who seems nice but looks terrifying in a pig mask




Treefort had Generationals out this year which is a classic indie band with a great sound.



Posse brought their chilled out apathetic rock to Linen Building. It was perfect drinking music.

Us Lights

Us Lights

Cool to see Us Lights at Neurolux




Foxygen brought their A game to the main stage with lots of dancing, soulful music, and even a sword fight.



Parade of Bad Guys

Parade of Bad Guys

I don’t have enough awesome things to say about Parade of Bad Guys’ music. It’s an excellent mix of soulful rock and country/bluegrass.



Triathalon was really great to see live, they bring the recordings to life in a beautiful way.




Chk Chk Chk (!!!) were the headliners for Saturday and they brought the funk to the main stage.

Crystal Ghost

Crystal Ghost

Later in the night Crystal Ghost pumped up his electro-dance groove jams.



Bearcubbin’! is definitely one of our favorite Portland bands to see live, and they absolutely crushed it Saturday night.

Red Hands Black Feet


And to end the third night of Treefort 2015 was Red Hands Black Feet. We have been following them for a couple of years now and we are excited to hear some new material later this year from them.

Treefort Music Fest Day 1

March 20th 2014 marked the start of an epic journey to consume as much live music as humanly possible in one weekend. Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID provided the perfect hunting grounds for the Killing Sasquatch crew. The journey consisted of four days full of rock, pop, electronic, metal, hip-hop, house parties, garage shows, and brewery showcases. So without further delay here is our coverage of Day 1, Treefort Music Fest.

If there’s one excuse to get out of Portland, Treefort is it. It all starts with King Brat, featuring Jessica the drummer from Red Hands Black Feet. These guys have a saturated crossover of hardcore and rock and roll. The kind that spawns mosh pits from thin air.

The Kitchen 1
We ducked over to the recently augmented Crux to see The Kitchen, some really weird but beautiful and sincere experimental rock from Moscow. The live set packs a different punch than the records, so make sure to check this band of best friends and artists whenever they’re in town.

After some delicious Pie Hole pizza we popped over to Neurolux to see And And And play some new songs. This material sounded more serious and intense than some of their more light-hearted favorites. It’s still a huge party, so these sophisticated considerations suit their music well.



After seeing And And And, we headed over to Linen Building to catch our favorite Boise bands, Red Hands Black Feet. They played a bunch of new songs with their new drummer, and it sounds most excellent. This post-rock band seriously hits the spot and we cannot wait for new material to be released.

Back over at Crux, our buddies Animal Eyes began pumping their joyous tunage into the room. Lead accordionist Sam sings with classic style and the band elevates the festive jangly mood. Animal Eyes is easily one of Portland’s premier rock acts.

This Will Destroy You is from the old school of post-rock, loosely associated with Godspeed You Black Emperor, the sound is heavy and slow. Live they play with conviction. The audience stares blankly as their minds are transported.

Finally we saw Sword of a Bad Speller who are at first a couple of white kids rapping badly. It quickly reached the point of absurdity, so there’s no choice but to get into it. They eventually pick up instruments and closed out a fun impromptu afterparty.

Treefort Music Fest 2013 Day 2

It’s day two of Treefort, and by now our faces have been melted off and gelatinized, then shredded and melted again. It’s a crisp day at the Main Stage and there are a few squalls of snow as the first act Deep Sea Diver begins.

This bubbly Seattle four-piece hits all the spots for the modern rock aficionado. Somewhere between a re-energized Beach House and a re-imagined Bright Eyes, Deep Sea Diver really embodies the great history and the mysterious future of rock and roll.

Delicate Steve plays after, to a much larger, more bundled up crowd than their performance at El Korah Shrine yesterday. Always a spectacular show, they warm things up with tracks off last year’s Positive Force and deliver all the classics off Wondervisions in dramatic style. On the streets of Boise there are rumors that Delicate Steve has a third album of material just awaiting release.

Burnt Ones is next at Boise’s unique multi-purpose venue Linen Building. Their powered up live set is already underway, and the heavy, dry, smooth sound of Burnt Ones fills up the long cavernous building. I make sure to grab a cassette of You’ll Never Walk Alone on the way out to Neurolux to see Tartufi.

Last year we saw Tartufi for the first time with their new bassist blowing up an early spot on the Main Stage. A cult favorite, they have a special place in Portland/Boise’s heart as SF’s heavyweight champions of DIY music and touring. We’re watching them perform songs from their new album These Factory Days, and let me just say that it sounds very good.

It’s across the street to Boise’s Backspace-esque coffee shop/bar/venue The Crux to see local post-rock gods Red Hands Black Feet. Their set contains a mesmerizing cascade of soft delicate movements and soaring epic sounds. Their style of instrumental progressive music is particularly well crafted for anyone who is ready for the next new thing in rock and roll.

We were so enveloped in Red Hands Black Feet, we missed the illustrious, highly-anticipated Slow Magic set at the China Blue dance club, but were stoked to catch Portland favorites Sun Angle killing it at the Crux. The music of Sun Angle is relentless and worldly, ending the night for us in an awesome party of super jazzed Treefort goodness.

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Red Hands Black Feet

Last year we highlighted Red Hands Black Feet at Boise’s Treefort Music Festival, and now they have come out with their first studio album, These Things Are Important. This Boise band pumps out some super fresh post-rock music. The album starts off with a drone-y intro that leads into a sweet western bluesy jam called “Django’s Last Ride.” All of their songs include an epic climax of pure rock pleasure. It is hard to say which track I like the best since each one has it’s own personality. These Things Are Important is a great album all the way through from the opening piano hit to the last shredding notes of “Sink The Bismark.” Make sure you listen to it all the way through.

Another post-rock Boise band that I would like to share today is Ugly Hussy. More on the side of noise rock, Ugly Hussy has elements in his music along the lines of Modest Mouse and Gauntlet Hair. The music is so melodious but with a intrusive quality that doesn’t let you forget that you’re listening to it. With a performance coming up at Treefort Music Fest, hopefully there will be some new recordings to come out soon. The 2011 EP is down below, be sure to check it out. I really like the opener “Convenient Cave” and the closer “Black Boa.”