Top 50 Albums of 2013 Part 1: Pop/Electronic

It’s that time of year again. Time to take a look back on all the amazing music that has come out this year. Like the last couple of years we’ll put all our favorites by category and alphabetize them first, then do a top 25 ranking. So here is all our favorite pop/electronic albums of the year, alphabetically.

Akron/Family – Sub Verses

Beacon – The Ways We Seperate

The Besnard Lakes – Until Excess, Imperceptible UFO

Boats – A Fairway Full of Miners

Camp Counselors – Huntress

Chrome Sparks – Sparks EP

Gold Panda – Half of Where You Live

Helado Negro – Invisible Life

Indians – Somewhere Else

Jamaican Queens – Wormfood

Javelin – Hi Beams

Lorde – Pure Heroine

Majical Cloudz – Impersonator

Odesza – My Friends Never Die

Pacific Air – Stop Talking

Pure Bathing Culture – Moon Tides

Radiation City – Animals in the Median

Saint Rich – Beyond the Drone

Shigeto – No Better Time Than Now

Still Corners – Strange Pleasure

Teen Daze – Glacier

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – We the Common

Typhoon – White Lighter

Washed Out – Paracosm

Wild Nothing – Empty Estate

Wild Ones – Keep It Safe

Young Galaxy – Ultramarine

Youth Lagoon – Wondrous Bughouse

Saint Rich

Here is a new side project from Delicate Steve called Saint Rich. This band has a more structured sound, yet still maintain amazing guitar work throughout the album. The new album is called Beyond the Drone, which came out the beginning of October. Saint Rich has a great rock and roll sound that is accompanied by the right amount of pop. The album starts off with the single “Officer,” an anthem of abuse of authority, then rolls into a steam-dancing number “Sorry/Sadly.” My favorite songs lie in the middle of the album, “Crying From Home” and “You Ain’t Worth the Night.” The closing track “Already Gone” is also another great song and a perfect ending to the Beyond the Drone, it’s a slower rock ballad with the slide guitar and harmonies that soar into the ears and makes you smile. Overall the debut album from Saint Rich is a perfect recipe for accepting the winter blues and then shaking them away.