Odesza + Slow Magic

Brand new music from our favorite electronic artists, Odesza and Slow Magic. Both of these artists have a great chill vibe, yet still provides a great dance beat to their music.

We’ll start with Seattle duo Odesza. The new album is called In Return and it is great. These guys take big beats and samples/vocals to the next level. Odesza has a sound that is best listened to in slow motion. The tracks that stand out are “Bloom,” “All We Need” (feat. local Portland band Shy Girls), and “Koto.” In Return is a very beautiful album that is very dynamic. I believe it will be in the top album list at the end of the year.

Slow Magic has a more house vibe going on with his new record, How to Run Away. The new album definitely brings the energy that comes from his live performances. The builds and drops that occur are well constructed and not overplayed. Overall Slow Magic brings the chill energy to How to Run Away. Make sure to listen.

Dude York

After a brief hiatus, we are back to regular posts about new independent music. Here is a band from Seattle called Dude York. Their latest release, Dehumanize, came out at the end of January. Dude York is a band with lots of energetic grunge pop. Catchy guitar hooks and eccentric drumming along with unique vocals is what makes up their sound. My favorite tracks are “Idol” and “Heartland.” “Idol” starts with one of those guitar hooks that sticks in your head, then there is a fuzzy breakdown with the lyrics of “The idol’s face has been broken, frozen / It looks just like mine.” It’s the vulnerability of Peter Richards’s vocals that really makes it an anthem. “Heartland” is a track to get rowdy drunk to. With a slower grungy intro to sway back and forth, that evolves to the chorus that Richards yells “Lose my voice!” This is a must listen record.

Big Ass Boombox Festival Night 2

What can we say? Big Ass Boom Box is a rocking success. We would like to dole out many props to Arya Imig & Eirean Bradley and all the bands, venues, and performers for organizing this well-run eclectic fun-ass event. KS is excited to see such a big convoy from our older sister in rock and roll; Seattle, as well as a fine selection of local Portland groups.

We catch a Portland favorite Pictorials at Backspace first. These guys have a tight new-wave aesthetic which bounces along with rich pop jingles and jangles like a golden retriever wearing a million-dollar cow-bell. Their songs are thoughtful and memorable. On stage, they seem to take part in the audience as we take part in the performance.

The Hoot Hoots are nextdoor at Someday Lounge, where a juiced crowd is jumping up and down in front of four rockstars, all sporting rainbow striped dream coats. These guys must have a cult following since the crowd is packed, singing along and hopping around crazily, and we can see why. Between the lead man’s blue LED glasses and the keyboardists awesome interpretive facial expressions, The Hoot Hoots bring the music and the show. Have a listen to the infectious vocal choruses and radical pop in The Hoot Hoot’s music.

Mobbing over to our favorite 110 year old Biker-Bar turned hipster-dive Kelly’s Olympian, we catch the tail end of The New York Rifles, Portland punk stars rip up the stage with their energetic brand of loud rock and roll.

Going on a suggestion from festival organizer Eirean Bradley, we head back to Someday to see A Happy Death. The first thing one notices about this band is that they are completely unapologetic. The lead singer jumps on drums, amps, whatever he can find while belting out incoherent mumbles over brazen pop rock guitars. Their stylistic choices turned some off, but the aromatic boldness with which A Happy Death brews up their stuff left a pretty good taste in our mouths.

The night concludes in an epic climax as the fully inebriated crowd at Kelly’s throws down to Charts. At this point, we’ve all been trying to compensate for the free admission with drink sales—and even the band is pretty sloshy. The drummer and vocalist brings the free-flowing rock music, and the bassist brings the hilarious drunken antics. Check out our photos of him rocking out ontop the shoulders of a lucky fan, or passed out on the floor still shredding. We haven’t been to a show this fun in quite some time, and the experience leaves us totally looking forward to Big Ass Boom Box 2014.

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Band Of Horses + Seapony

Hi everyone, I got some new music to share with you all today. We’ll start it off with Seapony’s brand new album, Falling. This Seattle threesome is all about the dreamy indie pop-rock. I really enjoy this album, they have really catchy hooks and riffs that make you want to sway back and forth. My favorite tracks are “What You Wanted” and “No One Will Be.” Check it out below.

Next album I want to share with you is the brand new one from another Seattle band called Band Of Horses. This is their fourth full length album and it’s called, Mirage Rock. Another great album from these guys, they have such an incredible sound of indie rock, it’s hard not to like them. Mirage Rock sounds a little bit different than their previous efforts, it feels a little more intimate this time around. This is a really solid album that should be heard by all so check it out below. My favorites are “Shut-In Tourist” and “Heartbreak 101.”