I’ve Been Thinking About Your Mom

So this week’s new releases are really awesome, first and most obvious purchase is the new Bon Iver self-titled album. I’ve only listened to a little bit of it and it’s great.
The next band is Unknown Mortal Orchestra with their debut self-titled album. Their sound is really cool, it is like a lo-fi indie funk band. They are also from Portland, so buy their album.
Next is Jeff the Brotherhood with their 4th full length album, We Are the Champions. It is definitely different from their last one, but it’s just as good.¬†Still really¬†psychedelic and rockin’ but with a new polished sound to it, and also a pure slice of rock and roll.
Other releases include; Weird Al’s Alpocalypse, Skrillex’s More Monsters and Sprites, and YACHT’s Shangri-La.