Treefort Music Fest Day 4

The fourth and final day of Treefort Music Fest was a magical day full of amazing music. It started with our first brewery show and ended with one of the weirdest house parties we’ve ever been to. It was an amazing weekend full of generous hospitality, incredible musicianship, and total grandness.



To start off the last day of Treefort we headed down to Woodland Empire brewery to the Apes On Tape showcase. The first band that we caught was Manatee Commune, a chillwave artist from Bellingham, WA.


Autonomics 1

Autonomics, as seen at Big Ass Boom Box, is a PDX up and comer with catchy and memorable tunes.



Despite the accusation, these guys are actually pretty agreeable. Check out this awesomely groovy DIY punk, a new project featuring Clark from Clark and the Himselfs.



AU is a cascading swirling mix of psychedelia. The kind of trips you go on as a little kid or in the moments before sleep.

AU – Boute from Nathan Sturgess on Vimeo.


Aan is one of our favorite Portland bands, and they seem to get better every time we see them.



Cumulus is some gratifying indie rock. It’s light on its feet. The sound makes our ears happy.

Thanks 3

Thanks is a really cool soul band from Portland.

The Joy Formidable 5

From North Wales comes the contemporary sounding tunage of The Joy Formidable. We thoroughly enjoy the live performance since the lead gal is overflowing with charisma.


First Borns 3

First Borns is just real good lo-fi freedom rock.


Bearcubbin 3

Bearcubbin’! is straight up math dance rock.



After being rocked by Bearcubbin’!, Boyfrndz came out with their brand of noise rock.



What is a Tartufi? I’m still not sure, but I know it’s doomy and rocks hard.

We would like to thank everyone who helped out at Treefort, all the musicians, the volunteers, the staff, and most importantly the city of Boise.

Treefort Music Fest 2013 Day 2

It’s day two of Treefort, and by now our faces have been melted off and gelatinized, then shredded and melted again. It’s a crisp day at the Main Stage and there are a few squalls of snow as the first act Deep Sea Diver begins.

This bubbly Seattle four-piece hits all the spots for the modern rock aficionado. Somewhere between a re-energized Beach House and a re-imagined Bright Eyes, Deep Sea Diver really embodies the great history and the mysterious future of rock and roll.

Delicate Steve plays after, to a much larger, more bundled up crowd than their performance at El Korah Shrine yesterday. Always a spectacular show, they warm things up with tracks off last year’s Positive Force and deliver all the classics off Wondervisions in dramatic style. On the streets of Boise there are rumors that Delicate Steve has a third album of material just awaiting release.

Burnt Ones is next at Boise’s unique multi-purpose venue Linen Building. Their powered up live set is already underway, and the heavy, dry, smooth sound of Burnt Ones fills up the long cavernous building. I make sure to grab a cassette of You’ll Never Walk Alone on the way out to Neurolux to see Tartufi.

Last year we saw Tartufi for the first time with their new bassist blowing up an early spot on the Main Stage. A cult favorite, they have a special place in Portland/Boise’s heart as SF’s heavyweight champions of DIY music and touring. We’re watching them perform songs from their new album These Factory Days, and let me just say that it sounds very good.

It’s across the street to Boise’s Backspace-esque coffee shop/bar/venue The Crux to see local post-rock gods Red Hands Black Feet. Their set contains a mesmerizing cascade of soft delicate movements and soaring epic sounds. Their style of instrumental progressive music is particularly well crafted for anyone who is ready for the next new thing in rock and roll.

We were so enveloped in Red Hands Black Feet, we missed the illustrious, highly-anticipated Slow Magic set at the China Blue dance club, but were stoked to catch Portland favorites Sun Angle killing it at the Crux. The music of Sun Angle is relentless and worldly, ending the night for us in an awesome party of super jazzed Treefort goodness.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone, welcome back to the greatest blog no one has ever heard of. I think I’m fully recovered from the festivities of last weekend. So let us start the first post of the new year with some awesome music.
First up is some really amazing guitar/song-writing work with San Fransico band Tartufi. If you love experimental rock you’ll most definitely like this band, you won’t believe there is just two of them in the band. Check out their music here.
Next up is a cool chill glitch-step band called Keep Shelly in Athens. Their EP Our Own Dream should have been put on my top 50 list for last year, but unfortunately I had not listened to them until it was too late. Check out their stuff here.

Keep Shelly in Athens – Our Own Dream by Keep Shelly in Athens