Oh To Be Young and Evil

The Young Evils is an up and coming band from Seattle, WA. Their debut album, Enchanted Chapel is out now and you can stream it for free on their bandcamp site here. The album is a great mix of feel good rock ‘n’ roll and folk music. Right now they are unsigned, but the album was produced by Barrett Jones who has done albums with Nirvana and The Melvins. It is a great summer-y type of album and I highly recommend it. If you have the chance to see them live, take it.
Now going in a different direction is Norse Horse. Ryan Beal shows that he is one of the best that can loop guitars in a sweepingly hypnotic┬árhythm, while making it easy to listen to. According to his record label, Family Time Records, Mr. Beal is currently working on a follow up to his debut album Secret Geographies, which is sold out. Check out “Swamp Trotter” and other great songs here.