New music from the Cincinnati band Why? The new album is called Moh Lhean. The lead singer, Yoni Wolf, is one of my personal favorite songwriters of all time, and this new album sounds really good. Moh Lhean takes on a more sentimental tone overall. The one critic that I have is that the songs are pretty formulaic and have the same song structure for most of the album. Though that does not diminish the sound quality or the record. Why? creates each song with a sort of nostalgia or sense of reflection that makes Moh Lhean very enjoyable. My favorite track is the closer “The Barely Blur”. Why? is on a national and international tour all the way through June this year, make sure you catch them at Treefort Music fest this year as well!

Why? + Sundaze

One of my favorite bands Why? has come out with another EP called Sod In The Seed. I absolutely love Yoni Wolf’s delivery and songwriting and Sod In The Seed is no exception. It is really nice to hear some new Why? This new EP is fantastic! They give what every fan wants, something different, yet keeping the same kind of sound. Check it out below, my favorite track is “Shag Carpet,” but clocking in at 16 mins it is worth an entire listen.

Next up is local Portland band Sundaze. This trio has an awesome sound that takes from shoegaze, lo-fi indie rock, and dream pop to make something super cool and chilled out. I’m really digging on their Snow Falling EP that came out in April this year. Super reverbed guitars and vocals along with some sexy drum beats make up most of the tracks on their EP. Check it out below and if you’re not taken in by the title track definitely check out “Night Walkers” and a cover of “Who Loves The Sun” from Velvet Underground.

Treefort Music Festival

To whoever says that Boise, Idaho doesn’t know how to party will be proven wrong with the inaugural Treefort Music Fest happening at the end of March. This is one of the most stacked lineups of unknown independent bands I have seen! The headliners for the music fest are Built To Spill, Why?, and Of Montreal. With supporting bands such as Blitzen Trapper, Delicate Steve, Typhoon, and Finn Riggins, and a 4-day pass costing only 79 dollars there’s really no excuse not to see this festival. Below are some excellent examples of why everyone should come to Treefort.
Desert Noises have a great sound that reminds me of a certain band named Fleet Foxes. Really catchy drums and groovin’ bass lines makes it more uptempo, yet still sounds like a crisp sunny morning. Make sure you check out their album Mountain Sea on the bandcampsite. Also check out the awesome single “Oak Tree” below.

Next band I want to share is Red Hands Black Feet, an instrumental band that have heavy influence from Modest Mouse, Russian Circles, and Minus The Bear. They build up each track so well to a sometimes overwhelming climax, your not sure what just happened until after the fact. Check out their stuff here.

Last one for tonight is Shades. Their debut album Clear Motions just dropped last month, and I assure you it is a must listen. They have a great electro-pop chill wave sound going on. Great beats and cool vocals fill this album so go and check it out on their soundcloud page here.

Sharing Is Caring

As much as I love brand new music, sometimes it’s fun to go back and listen to albums that you haven’t heard for a while. That’s what I did this past weekend and was pleasantly reminded how great these artists are.
First is The Besnard Lakes. This band is great. I mean great vocal work, great guitar ambiance and layering, and great songwriting. This is the kind of band that should be popular, but aren’t. My favorite song/video is below and if you like that check out their stuff here. I really like the “Dark Horse” album.

Next up is a killer guitar band Fang Island. High flying guitars and awesome harmonics make up their self titled debut. Check out their bandcampand listen to it for free. They are really fun to listen to. Also stayed tuned, there will be a new album very soon.

Why? is one of the best hybrid bands out there. Combining a great original hip-hop vocal delivery with a rockin’ undertow of baselines and sweet guitar solos. Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time is their 3rd album Alopecia. Check out all of their music here.
For all of you new music junkies, how about one of my favorite bands The Shins. They just put out the new single “Simple Song” for their next album Port Of Morrow¬†due out March 20th.