The Harm

Here is a local Portland band for all of you. They are called The Harm, and they have an EP called Hurt People Hurt People that just came out a week ago. The kind of music they play is a thrashy blues-rock, with lots of fuzz and catchy tunes. The five song EP is full of great guitar riffs and good songwriting, and they even do something a little different for the bonus tracks, which works out really well. I would even say that “Coping With Loss” is one of my favorite tracks off Hurt People Hurt People. The Harm is worth a listen to, even though they have played their last show together over the weekend.

Up next is The Sweets from North Carolina. They are currently in the middle of releasing one EP a month for the entire year. They have a sweet (ha, get it?) chilled out rock and roll vibe. With groovy guitar riffs, and reverby vocals that swim through a haze towards your ears. I really enjoy their tunes, so listen to Chow above (it’s a free download too) and Just The Dudes (part of a split EP w/ Petey) below.

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