Treefort Music Fest: Prefort

Treefort is less than a week away and we cannot be more excited. To keep us from peeing our pants in anticipation, here are some bands that will be performing at the festival. The last couple of Treefort posts have been electronic and folk music, so these bands are all about DIY rock ‘n’ roll.

First is San Francisco band Creative Adult. These guys have a grunge-punk sound to them. Lots of guitar noise and the vocals are what stand out the most to for the band. They will be playing the Linen Building on Thursday 3/20 at 8pm.

Next is a local Boise band called Junior Rocket Scientist. There is a lot of different types of influences that all combine into one badass indie rock sound. They have a great EP out called Lady Alice, make sure to listen to “Boredom” and the title track. JRS will be opening for our favorite Portland indie rock band, Genders, at El Korah Shrine, Friday 6.20pm.

Last but not least is Oakland, CA rockers, Meat Market. These guys have a more DIY punk-rock sound to them than the other bands. Some surfy drum beats with fuzzy guitars and reverb vocals, makes for a delicious combo of music. They also play Thursday night at The Shredder, 11.30pm. Catch their new track “The Return Of Prince Donathunn” along with 60 others on the official Treefort Trail Mix compilation, here.