Treefort Music Fest Preview

The schedule for Treefort Music Festival has officially been released and it is a little more than daunting. With 350 mainly independent bands/artists attending this year’s festival, it’s hard to know which acts to catch. Well, check out these indie folk-rock groups and ease your mind a little bit.

First band that you’ll want to catch is Sheep Bridge Jumpers from Ketchum/Hailey, ID. These guys have a great, uptempo indie bluegrass, folky sound to them. Sheep Bridge Jumpers will make you want to jump up and dance around just by listening to the recording. They will be playing Saturday, 3/22 at Pengilly’s Saloon 6pm.

Next is Apple Horse from Boise, ID. Their sound is more on the rock and roll style of folk. Apple Horse is so super catchy it’s hard to call them a folk band, they are actually more on the side of pop-rock with some alt-folk influence. The band is reuniting after being on hiatus for the past couple of years just to play the festival, so you don’t want to miss it. They will be playing the District Coffee House on Friday 3/21 at 11pm.

Last but not least is another Boise band called Calico. These young musicians might still be in high school, but are extremely talented. Calico’s music is full of melodic strings, beautiful vocals, and a very Americana sound. You can catch them playing District Coffee House on Saturday 3/22 at 9pm.